Where has Angela Been?

Hi friends, I’ve been getting asked a lot, “Where has Angela Been?” Let me catch you all up ūüôā I’ve also been getting lots of questions on what’s the new project. Well, there are actually several. I’m trying to prioritize based on due dates. On the writing front, I have a screenplay and a novella

Recent Articles Featuring Angela In the News

In recent news, a couple of articles feature Angela: MTL Magazine featured an article from me talking about DNA testing. How unique are we? You can find that one here: http://mtlmagazine.com/99-9-just-like-you/    2. An interview on the Christian Authors Network featured me as the CAN president where I talk about what readers can do to

Authors & Chocolate Party

North Valley Public Library holds an Authors and Chocolate Party each year with a different theme. I have so much fun being part of these events in Stevensville, MT. You’re invited to attend the 2019¬†Authors and Chocolate Party, March 1st from 4-7pm. North Valley Public Library 208 Main St. Stevensville, MT The library always chooses